Check out the possibilities with a  DIY Starter kit which can include the decking, floor insulation, and erected engineered steel frame by Volstrukt.

The industry standard in tiny home foundations, Trailer Made Custom Trailers are the foundation of choice of both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders.

"Of the 48 Tiny homes on display at the 2016 tiny home jamboree, 42 of them were on Trailer made custom trailers."

Trailer Made Tiny House Foundation

Structural Design

Construction Planning

Finish and Material Selection

Interior furniture and lighting

Follow Dreams with house in tow

"The best built house in the world is only as good as the foundation it's built on."

Damon DesChamps - Trailer Made Custom Trailers

Tiny HQ, LLC Florida's Tiny headquarters


Tiny Construction Checklist

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Tiny Chatanooga took Best in Show at the 2016 Tiny Home Jamboree with an amazing home built on a rock solid foundation by:

November 2016

Join us at the Florida Tiny Home Festival in St. Augustine

Trailer Made

Custom Trailers

Some of the biggest problems have Tiny Solutions.

Check out the reasons trailer made is the choice of builders everywhere.

February 2017

Trailer Made Trailers comes to Florida

Trailer Made Tiny House Foundations all come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.